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How to Find a Good Thyroid Doctor in Ireland

Posted by Shan Patricia Kelly on February 7, 2014 at 2:35 PM

Finding a good doctor to treat thyroid problems in Ireland is not easy, but people in large cities like Dublin at least have more choices available close to home.

Today I spoke to Dr Patrick Magovern, who runs the Drummartin Clinic near Dundrum. He specialises in diagnosing and treating unexplained illnesses and he has trained in using a range of complementary therapies.

“Patients should beware of thinking there is just one thing wrong. People have to look more broadly,” he told me, during a brief chat on the phone on Friday morning, when I rang up to enquire about whether the clinic does thyroid hormone testing. It does do thyroid blood tests, but only as part of treatment there.

Drummartin charges 75 euro for the main three thyroid hormones to be measured. Most of its tests are carried out at St Vincents Hospital or by Medlab in Dublin, but the Clinic also sends blood samples abroad for testing.

Dr Magovern trained in Ireland. He graduated in 1980 and then worked in hospitals and general practice in Canada, where he found he was treating a lot of patients for low mood, low energy, restless sleep and hormone problems, so he began to invest in training in the area known as functional medicine.

Dr Magovern went from being very skeptical about non-conventional medicine to someone who uses the widest possible range of weapons to combat illness. He returned to Ireland in 1996 and set up the Drummartin Clinic nine years ago.

He studied complementary therapies such as acupuncture, nutritional medicine, allergens and intolerances, as well as bioenergy hormone therapies. From a thyroid patient's perspective, Dr Magovern is one of the few Irish doctors who will prescribe natural thyroid extract. He mainly prescribes the Armour brand, and he has treated patients with T4 to T3 conversion issues and Reverse T3 too.

If you can afford an initial consultation fee of 250 euro (Follow up appointments are 180 euro), Dr Magovern is conveniently located on Dublin's southside and his clinic site  has lots of testimonials from  patients who are happy to be quoted online. 

 In central Dublin Dr. Chii Chii Lee, practices at Prices Medical Hall,  26 Clare Street, Dublin, where she has a walk-in clinic that operates Monday-Friday  and  by appointment  on Saturdays. Dr Lee is described by one  patient as "very open  to prescribing Armour Thyroid and  very approachable". Dr Lee's Phone number is  01-6625050

On the northside of Dublin, Professor Tom Gorey at Mater Private has had good reports, as has Dr Diarmuid Smith at Beaumont Private.

A good tip for finding doctors is to check the information on Embassy web sites. The US Embassy site is particularly good for this. You can also check for info on Doctors who treat auto immune conditions on

A  tip for people in the Midlands is to try to see Dr Griffin at Clane Hospital, because: “she treats patients and symptoms, not just lab numbers”.

Dr Griffin has switched patients from Eltroxin, when it was not working, to Armour which improved life  for  one patient. Dr Griffin also practices privately. She used to charge around150 euro for an initial consultation and 120 euro per visit after that. She also practised at  Dublin's Charlemont Clinic and at the Bon Secours Clinic  in Glasnevin.

If you find a good doctor or clinic, please tell us here  why you like it, where it is , and roughly how much a consultation  there costs.  

Finding a doctor who will listen to symptoms and who is experienced in treating thyroid illness is  the query that  we get the largest number of requests  for here at Thyroid Support Ireland. So please share your doctors infor here.

Sarah Blogg also found  Dr Rafid Khashan at the Dame Street Medical Centre in  Dublin 2 was open to prescribing natural thyroid hormone.  The Clinic is at 16 Dame Street Tel: 016790754. Or email: [email protected]


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Reply Mik
12:18 AM on September 12, 2014 
Are there any good doctors in Limerick? If not, how about Cork or Galway? I'm not exactly keen on travelling to Dublin for investigation, and I suspect I may be hypo.
Reply Shan Patricia Kelly
6:29 PM on January 20, 2015 
Hi Mik and welcome to TSI,
I'm not sure about how many thyroid doctors there are in Limerick, but Galway has at least one naturopath and there are also a few respected endos practising in Cork.

We are hoping that our 2nd TSI talk and member meetup will be on Monday afternoon at Gateway project, Parker Hill, Rathmines, D6, in early March
Reply Linda
5:57 PM on February 20, 2015 
Who is the naturopath in Galway?
Thanks, Linda
Reply Roisin
11:00 AM on November 3, 2015 
Dr James Ryan - The Bons Secours Limerick - he is very good
Reply Mik
7:27 PM on December 11, 2015 

Could you point me to the Endos in Cork? Thanks!
Reply Ann Delaney
7:24 PM on December 31, 2015 
Any good endos in galway
Reply Gretta prunty
10:17 AM on February 6, 2017 
Looking for doctor in Galway.
Reply Mary
7:52 AM on July 16, 2017 
Roisin says...
Dr James Ryan - The Bons Secours Limerick - he is very good

Have u attended any other endo
In limerick or gp that you would recommend